Amid dazzling returns, is now the time to join the diamond hunt?

The local diamond exploration sector has lost its glitter in recent years, but there’s renewed interest in finding the dazzling stones that the ancient Greeks thought were splinters of stars that had fallen to earth. Underpinning the activity is a looming shortage of better quality stones spurred by pandemic-related supply problems and the backlash against […]

Two listed ag stocks that promise a bounteous harvest for investors

As with the miners, agricultural enterprises are driven by the whims of global commodity prices and the vagaries of the weather. In a perennial cycle, euphoric peaks are followed by soul-destroying lows. While steady earnings can never be guaranteed, performance is more assured if the producer can rise above the commodity cycle with a competitive […]

ASX-listed e-gaming stocks show promise but are they in the main event?

Ever been invited to a party offering unlimited merriment – back in the times when such gatherings were legal of course – but instead turned up to one organised by the equivalent of an abstemious maiden aunt? Investors in the fledgling e-gaming sector might well know the feeling. Globally, the industry is booming, with the […]

Hidden gems: the profitable small caps forging export markets

As with so many facets of human nature, it’s natural for investors to covet the next big thing wrapped in glittering paper. It’s why tech stocks have done so well in recent years, as well as anything related to battery metals or the buy-now-pay-later sector. It’s also why home-grown hero Canva is valued at a […]

Can these fallen small-cap angels regain their wings?

One of the trickiest aspects of investing is deciding whether a fallen angel will ever fly again. If they do regain their wings, the rewards of buying in at distressed levels can be enormous. But as they impress on newcomers in Masterchef safety briefings, trying to catch a falling knife can be highly injurious. As […]

The heroes of the reporting season

For a profit reporting season that promised the first bloom of earnings recovery, August’s slew of disclosures lacked a bit of froth and bubble. The numbers themselves were ok, in the context of earnings rebounding from the Covid year But the outlook statements were unconvincing and investors had largely factored in the historical numbers. On […]